Would you trade being the King of the Jungle for a cage?       

Can you imagine what it’s like to roam the wide open plains of Africa as the King of the jungle?

Imagine the fiery, blazing, beautiful, blood orange sun setting as you stretch out to relax. The moon comes out as the stars start to sparkle while the night breeze flows through your mane. Then, all of a sudden, you open your eyes to experience the most horrible thing that could ever happen! You see windows and bars. You have become a prisoner.

One is free but risky, while the other is safe, but destroys the spirit. This could be related to an entrepreneur and an employee that isn’t fulfilled. The biggest fear I hear from people considering starting a business, is that they will lose a secure paycheck. Uncertainty creates fear. Entrepreneurs are aware of the fear, but they have a greater fear of not achieving their dreams.

For most of us, our lives and freedoms are dictated by our paycheck. Having a consistent paycheck is great, except when it’s not enough. Nearly seven out of ten people earn less than $42,000 a year in the US, which is not enough to provide for your family or plan for retirement. The new standard of living is $150,000 to $250,000 to buy a home, raise a family, travel and enjoy the good life.

Entrepreneurs are those who haven’t stopped dreaming of what their lives could look like if they took a little risk, had a little faith, and put in a whole lot of hard work.

Will you be the lion in the zoo who gets its 3 meals a day or the one who has to hunt?

Would you trade the plains of the safari for the cement jungle?

Would you trade the fire inside your heart to be a king or queen for something less?

We gladly take our freedom and unbounded life on the open plains over the security of a cage.

Our challenge to you is to believe enough in your dream to take the risk!