About Me

I was born in the city of Angels on July 30th of 1986. My parents moved my older sister and me to the Antelope Valley along with my Abuelita (my paternal grandmother). She’s mentioned here because she is a significant person in my life. Do you ever think about all the people that made it possible for you to be here? They not only sacrificed for themselves but also for you. She fled Cuba with my father and arrived in California where he met my mother (a Puerto Rican Angel). They fell in love, married, and gave me an awesome older sister and younger brother.

I grew up seeing my family run businesses and strive to better our lives. I wanted to help. I wanted to be able to provide for myself and my family. My father and mother would always take us to see beautiful homes, great restaurants, and fantastic vacations when they could. This planted a seed of; a vision for my life. My dad has always challenged us to do better and be the best. He really pushed us hard! My mother, on the other hand, has always been the most loving person I know. She is and has been very encouraging my whole life. I decided I would start working and at the age of 12, and began cutting grass. One client lead to two and a year later I had around 10 or so. I made a decision back then that I would own my own business. I wanted to have control of where we lived, when we traveled, how much we earned.

I took jobs as I got older but the end game was to be the boss. For a brief period I sold real estate and saw there was a need for financial education and other services. A good friend of mine introduced me to the financial industry where the broker, Patrick Bet-David, became my first mentor (outside of family). After 4 years of us working together he founded his own company (The PHP Agency) and some of us had an opportunity to be cofounders and co-owners. For the last decade I have been helping families and building a national agency. We have experienced an amazing life! We’ve built offices with great partners, and we are consistently producing six figure earners (Cindy Cobos, Rodolfo & Ceci Vargas, Brittany Pelaez, Fred & Christy Terris). We have traveled everywhere, from Maui where we took our entire family, to Italy, Paris, Dubai and probably two dozen other locations. We are fortunate to be in the top 3% of income earners in America, but most importantly because of this industry, the great mentors, and our incredible team I was able to accomplish my dream for my parents: A beautiful 3 acre ranch house where they can grow their business (Breeding world class German Shepherds) and living comfortably.

The need for world class opportunities for people who want to succeed and need professional financial services, lead to us founding YourFinancialGuys. Our team recruits, mentors, and trains the best business people in the world. We focus on providing the best financial education and services to our clients.

I am extremely grateful to my grandmother Maria Luisa Diaz, my parents Jorge & Gladys Pelayo, my brother Jonathan Pelayo, my sister and brother in law Jennifer & Jason Delgado, my uncle, Leonard Luzardo, who’s always supported me. Thank you to all my friends, partners & hardworking team (UNITY HUH!.)

Thank you to you for taking an interest in getting to know us. Please follow us on Facebook & Instagram and leave your contact so we can get to know you. Best wishes!