Do you make noise or make sense?

What's the difference? It's the same difference between a manager and a leader. It's the same difference between a boss and a mentor. Find out which one you fall under.

Perspectives on Public Speaking

It's one of the greatest fears known to man. Yet controlling it is only a matter of perspective. Jorge Pelayo gives a brief but inspirational and motivational insight into how controlling your perspective and y...

Dare More to Accomplish More

It's not because things are difficult that we do not dare more... It's because we do not dare more that things are difficult. The fear of rejection or failure is an obstacle we need to overcome to reach the ...

How to Find and Keep a Mentor

Patrick Bet-David,, decided to bring a few successful individuals that he's mentored to share their thoughts on How to Find and Keep A Mentor by asking key questions that pertain ...

Take Control

How does the language you use affect you? How do the thoughts you start off your day with set you up? Success starts in the mind. Everything else is an extension of that.

Motivational Video

Jorge Pelayo, CEO of Your Financial Guys, discusses the differences between living to gain pleasure vs. living to avoid pain in this motivational video.

Profile: Schwarzenegger

Who do you want to be in Life? You can't be Mr. Olympia. You can't be a movie star. You can't marry a Kennedy. You can't be Governor. In life, many people will try to tell you that you can't be something....