Freedom without law?


I was with a group of guys and a question was asked that changed my perspective on life. One of the guys asked, “can we have freedom in life without law?”. What do you think about a world without laws? Can you be free if anyone could steal anything from you? Would you be free if anyone could kill you without consequence?


Laws are guidelines for what is right, ethical, and overall good for a society. Some of us (including me) wish that we could do whatever we want without restriction or consequence. Sometimes I want to eat like a pig and sleep in. Sometimes I don’t feel like hustling. If I live my life without self imposed laws, then I couldn’t have the freedom I want physically or financially.


True freedom is impossible without restraint.

The guidelines we set or fail to set (physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually) liberate us or put us in bondage. You ultimately realize you must make your laws or live by others.


I don’t like accountability. I flat out hate it.

Overtime you come to understand that the benefits of controlling yourself outweigh the benefits of protecting your ego. Laws become that accountability that course correct your thoughts and actions. Eventually you realize that you can not escape the laws that govern success and that freedom without laws is impossible.


What’s laws do you need to create and follow for yourself?